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R16R2S-1D1 Potentiometer With Switch
Name:Potentiometer With Switch
Potentiometer with high current switching, the maximum use voltage 250V 10A, Rotational Life of 15,000 times or more, are widely used in dimmers, air net, humidifier, cooker and other appliances. Hot-selling ...
RS4511 Rotary Switch
Name:Rotary Switch
High grade rotary switch, rotary long life, stable quality, Rotational Life: 15,000 or more, Rated voltage: DC30V, maximum working current: 0.3A, recommended industry.
RS1701 Rotary Switch
Name:Rotary Switch
17-type rotary switch, a small size, more position, feel better, etc., are widely used in microwave ovens, electric pressure cooker, take the heating device, candy machines, automotive air conditioning and other electrical products. Rotational Life: 10,000 times or more; Rating: DC16V 0.3A. Hot-selling ...
R0902N-XD1 Rotry Potentiometer
Name:Rotry Potentiometer
09-type plastic handle high-quality potentiometer, carbon materials, carbon slurry produced by the Japanese made, good quality, excellent performance, widely used in audio, converter, dimmers and other products. Rotation angle: 280 degrees, Rotational Life: 15,000 times.
EC1110S Encoder
High-quality encoder, widely used in car audio, KTV amplifier, home appliances and other products, more than 10,000 times in life can be made into 20 pulses and 20 signal, 30 pulses and 15 signal.Hot-selling ...
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